Remote server monitoring using Cacti

October 23, 2011 | In: cacti, monitor, server monitoring

When your servers began to grow in numbers, you need to monitor them ‘automatically’ or else you’ll end up having a down server without being notice it or somebody(your friend or fans) will call you on your phone just to alert you.

Have no fear, Cacti is here. There is a very detailed installation ‘how-to’ at Linode support site

But when you are on the part where you will visit the web admin interface, when you type in to your browser :


you end up on a blank/404 page.

It’s because most(if not all) apache document root default installation is under “/var/www” and cacti web files are installed under “/usr/share/cacti/site”.

The quick fix i did is to have it point to the document root using symbolic link (ln) :

$ sudo ln -s /usr/share/cacti/site /var/www/cacti

Now, open again your browser and point to : IP_address/cacti  and tada you have your web installation to continue.


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